Concrete Applications

Acrylic Concrete Coatings

Are you getting bored with your pool deck? Perhaps it’s showing a few signs of wear and tear. Well, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars removing and repairing that concrete. Most of your problems can be solved by using acrylic cement coating. Not only will it allow you to replenish your damaged concrete, it also offers options that will give you a more functional and better looking surface.  It’s an inexpensive process that can increase the value of your home.

You can also get creative and make up your own unique design ideas that can make your outdoor areas come to life. The surfaces that are treated with acrylic coating are also much cooler, which makes them far more pleasant to walk on than other types of materials.

Does your current concrete surface have cracks? When you use our acrylic cement coating, you can add many effects that can cover up dirt or blend with the current cracks in the surface.This type of overlay system is very durable and is known to last for many years. LA County and Orange County Stamped Concrete Overlays.


Stamp Concrete Overlay

Many people want to spruce up their patios, walkways or other concrete surface areas, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

One of the best ways to add some spice to their current layout is stamped concrete overlay

Installing a concrete overlay starts out by completely washing the surface area with a power washer. Once the area has been thoroughly cleansed, an overlay mixture is created and then laid into place. The surface area is then stamped and given the proper amount of time to cure, which is usually within a few days.

Concrete Staining Options Orange County and South Los Angeles County

You can also stain your concrete floor to give it more personality. The process of concrete stamping is cost effective. It can transform your patio and other concrete surfaces.

If you’re the type who likes to decorate and create a unique style for your home, you’ll love concrete staining. You can pick from a variety of colors and patterns that could match any type of design or theme that you like.

  • Water Based Stains are an eco-friendly choice. It is suitable when you want a more solid color for your concrete floor.
  • Solvent based stains can easily penetrate the concrete. This type of stain is typically accompanied by a sealant.
  • Acid based stains are best for brand new concrete and for older surface areas as well. The application can be done very quickly, and it can be completed within 3 days. If you want to add a personal touch to your concrete surfaces, acid staining is right for you.

Structural Concrete Commercial and Residential

Our Structural Concrete crew pours and finishes concrete for footings, walls and slabs from Custom Residential to Commercial.

Polished Concrete Business Floors Custom Homes etc…

Our Polished Concrete crew offers everything from glue removal to high shine floors.
Polished concrete is commonly seen in grocery stores and warehouses but is becoming more popular in luxury residential homes and school facilities.  It offers durability and decoration.

Floor Coatings  Commercial and Home

Our floor coatings pour in a variety of settings:
Epoxy concrete coatings can be seen in restaurants and bars in a variety of hues.
You may have also seen stellar garage floors with epoxy paint chip.
Hospitals and other Clean Rooms request our urethane cement anti-static product.


Epoxy Flooring Contractor

There are many different coatings to apply to your concrete surfaces, but the one that most people have been choosing is epoxy flooring. In recent years it’s become the standard for many floor coating needs as it’s extremely durable, cost effective and is very versatile. You can achieve a beautiful glossy finish or you can go for a host of different decorative looks when you go with epoxy coatings. There are many more benefits to using this type of coating as well. Let’s talk a bit more about the benefits as well as the process that’s involved in epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floor coating is a perfect option for any surface area that needs abrasion and chemical resistance because of the durable nature of the material. This is why a lot of people choose epoxy flooring for their garage areas or warehouse areas. You don’t have to worry about cracks, chemical spills or any other kind of mishap, as epoxy flooring is very forgiving. This can save you tons of money in the long run as you’re not likely to need repairs or replacements for many years to come. It’s considered to be one of the most durable floor coatings that are available on the market today.

The process of applying epoxy flooring starts with laying down a coat to the surface area that you wish to coat. The surface coat is then back rolled to ensure that an even and smooth surface is maintained. Once everything is smoothed and uniform you now have the option to add decorative chips that can give you the appearance of granite or quartz. Whether you choose to add decorative chips or not, a layer of clear coat is applied to the surface area and left to dry.

A big reason why a lot of people chose epoxy flooring is because of the fact that epoxy flooring can be installed and dried within one day. Yet another great advantage that epoxy flooring has is the ability to be installed in extreme weather conditions. You have the option to install epoxy coatings in extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for garage floors, locker rooms, kitchens and many other different types of surface areas. It’s also a very cost effective flooring option that is known to last for many years.

Polyurea polyprotic

Polyurea polyprotic  or what is commonly called “chip floors” are the perfect solution for anyone who wants an extremely durable, yet very fast curing floor coating solution. If you’re looking for a solution that will protect your garage, warehouse or any other type of commercial flooring needs, polyurea polyprotic coating is probably the best option for you. Although it’s very similar to epoxy flooring, polyurea polyprotic is much quicker to cure, so it’s needed in certain situations. Let’s talk a bit more about the benefits that are offered and also whether or not it’s the best option for you.

Polyurea polyprotic coatings are ideal for garage floors as well as other commercial floors. One of the reasons for this is because of the impressive qualities that protect it from chemical spills as well as abrasions and is fast cure. Most jobs can be fully completed within five hours. It’s also considered to be a very cost effective flooring solution because of its long life spa.

Brighten up existing concrete with a stain and seal “facelift”.

stain and seal facelift concrete

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